Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance is totally a volunteer non-profit organization helping promote Buy Local, Grow Local, Thrive Local for the Albuquerque area. AIBA has Monthly, Semi Monthly, and Quarterly events to keep you informed and provide great information about keeping your business and our economy strong. AIBA was founded in 2003 by a passionate group of local business owners to preserve Albuquerque’s unique character, build a sustainable economy, and encourage diversity.  AIBA’s members include nonprofits, associations, individuals and independent business owners who are passionate about supporting the local economy area. All revenues are used to educate the community about the local economic advantages of increased spending with our local business members. AIBA also assists local businesses in methods and information to help them increase revenue and contribute more to our local economy and Now…………

AIBA and ABQ Go Local are Proud Partners

Working together to strengthen our local economy by sustaining Local Independent Businesses

ABQ Go Local is offering all existing AIBA members a $200.00 discount on our annual ABQ Go Local membership.

ABQ Go Local is also offering a package deal for new businesses to include an AIBA annual membership.

AIBA Website:

ABQ Go Local/AIBA Website:


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