About Us

New Mexico Go Local Is about shifting the Local Consumer Consciousness back to Buying and Supporting Their Local Independent Businesses, Creating and Rewarding Consumer Loyalty, Creating more Local Jobs and Keeping more of the Revenue and Taxes in our Community, as well as Building a Strong Alliance among Local Independent Businesses In New Mexico.

New Mexico Go Local is part of a growing movement in the United States. Started in Austin,Texas approximately four years ago. Go Local is currently in twenty cities and towns across the country and has one thousand plus locally owned participating independent businesses with over 400,000 Go Local Card Members. Our phenomenal growth is due in part to the shifting of consumer consciousness back to buying and supporting their local independent businesses as well as the awareness of those local independent businesses wanting to reward consumer loyalty. The Go Local Card allows local independent businesses to join a unique member alliance that can offer a competitive personalized rewards program at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing/advertising. Our Mission is very simple; To Simultaneously Champion the Businesses that make each city unique and reward the people who support them.

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